Builders Search FAQs

  • What information will be provided by VMIA when I search for a builder?

    The online search facility will provide the following information when you search for a builder, if a builder is eligible for insurance with VMIA:

    • Builder's name
    • Builder's ABN or ACN
    • That the builder is currently eligible for domestic building insurance
  • VMIA says the named builder is 'eligible for insurance', what does that mean?

    This means the builder is currently eligible for domestic building insurance with VMIA. A builder must have this eligibility before VMIA will consider issuing insurance to the builder for works at any particular property.

  • What does it mean if the search results say 'unable to locate any details for the search criteria submitted'?

    This could mean:

    • The builder named in the search is not currently eligible for domestic building insurance from VMIA
    • The details entered for the builder do not exactly match our records. Make sure you check the details you have supplied in the builder search field are correct and that you are not searching a business name (please see below for an explanation)

    A special note about Sole Traders and Partnerships

    Builders who operate as sole traders or partnerships need to provide their consent for information about their domestic building insurance eligibility status to be searchable via this online facility. If they do not appear in the search results, it may mean the builder has not provided this consent. If you are in any doubt, contact VMIA for assistance.

  • Why can't I search by business name?

    Only an individual person, partnership or company can be a builder of domestic building works. VMIA therefore only issues policies of domestic building insurance in the name of the person, partnership or company responsible for carrying out the domestic building work.

    Accordingly VMIA only issue certificates of insurance which covers domestic building works undertaken by a person, partnership or company at a particular property and does not cover or issue certificates to business names.